Future Focus: Reduce & Recycle

Future Focus: Reduce & Recycle

We have honored the memories of our troops who have served. Not too long ago, family and friends celebrated the Memorial Day weekend with gratitude for the people who have given us our freedom to do so. We must also honor the troops who will serve. Honoring the past isn't just for one day out of the year, and neither is planning for the future. Patriotism isn't just saluting a flag and coming together over bar-b-que, it is doing what we can to protect future prosperity, and that's in protecting not just our nation, but our earth. Keeping up with future economies and ecologies are as important as honoring our past. We learn, build, and grow with the errors of our past so as not to make the same mistakes in our future. Errors of our past may be used as stepping stones to future endeavors. They give us examples of what not to do or where our improvement for success lies. It is funny that the topic of conversation during our celebration was the ecology and the conservation there of. Everyone participated in the recycling effort. What a great example for our little ones as we all took the time to place our plastic, aluminum, and paper in the proper containers. But yet there was another very serious topic which we all should be opening our ears to. A very important system that is our waterway ecosystems where there is literally tons of waste being dumped every year. If all SIX BILLION people in our world took the time to recycle absolutely everything possible or purchased only sustainable products it would still take about 50 years for our ecosystems to be normal. Normal being sustainable life as the nature intended. Let’s stop and think for a moment? Does the business you work for involve new ideas with going green processes? Have you taken the time to conserve the water you use? Have you stopped yourself from throwing out that single sheet of paper or stopped yourself from printing that email? Have you considered another use for an item you considered trash? Have you thought about starting your own upcycling business perhaps? All of these ideas and thoughts put together work toward sustaining the world’s natural resources. So why not incorporate these ideas into your life and business. Think of the savings! Isn’t every person and organization trying to save money?


Guest Blogger: P.A.S.

Photo Credit: Sam Howzit

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