My Love Affair with Melissa Shoes

My Love Affair with Melissa Shoes

It was summer of 2012 and I was on vacation in New Orleans. I happened upon the cutest pink pumps in a local boutique. They reminded me of Barbie™ shoes: perfectly pink pumps. Not leather, but a unique rubber material that was oh, so comfortable. I did not purchase them, although I tried them on three times debating the buy, I just couldn't commit. I thought about those shoes for the entire year, until I found myself back in New Orleans the following summer. I had long forgotten the brand name, but I knew where to find them. Heading back to that little boutique, I left with my very first pair of Melissa Shoes. No, not the pretty pink pump, but the black Doris Spikes.

I first fell in love with Melissa because of their style and incredible comfort. Also, because of their durability. I have been wearing my first pair, the Doris Spikes, for a year-and-a-half now and they still look brand new. Though I had always loved the quick break-in time, and form fitting comfort of leather shoes, they wear down quickly. I would constantly be struggling with my leather shoes wearing out on the heel from driving and at my pinky toes as they stretched out. Quite unlike leather shoes that have a wear-in time, Melissa shoes are malleable and conform from the very first day. That means your pinky toes will have plenty of space from the first time you wear them. Not only that, but Melissa Shoes don't stretch out, keeping them looking brands new for years.  


What I love about Melissa Shoes

Durability. They won't wear out like leather.

Comfort. No wear-in time; fits perfect from day one.

Style. There's no denying the cute factor.

Sustainability. Produced in a zero-waste facility.

not to mention that they are hypoallergenic and 100% recyclable

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