Sustainable Bamboo

Sustainable Bamboo

StriveGreen is uber cognizant about what bamboo textiles we offer. With much research, Yala Designs trademarked Bamboo Dreams fabric is available on Straight from the company: "We use sustainably grown, certified organic bamboo and convert it into viscose fiber at our closed-loop sustainable factories in China. And we are all committed to creating as little waste as possible." "Our BambooDreams clothing and bedding is Oeko-Tex certified. This certification screens for harmful substances present in textiles. It guarantees the safety of our fabric and dyes and is an additional assurance that we are using environmentally friendly production methods. Our fabric is dyed using only low impact, Azo-free dyes. We have seen how the dyed water is cleaned by micro-organisms and, after testing for purity, it is reused by the factory." Yala does use a chemical process, which results in a fabulously soft fabric, but unlike most other companies, Yala screens all fabrics for toxins so your skin is safe, and working with a closed-loop system, waste is kept out of your waterways.

Before launching StriveGreen, my mother would comment to me that she had difficulty finding 100% cotton tops, and that she didn't like synthetics because she felt that after a day of wear they made her 'stink.' Well Mom, sorry to say, but that's probably because toxic dyes were leaching into your skin. Why do you think there's so many safety certifications for baby clothes? Because the skin, your body's largest organ, absorbs the things you put on it, including toxic dyes that leak out of your clothes. Oh, and when the skin absorbs toxins they bypass the liver, you know, the thing responsible for removing toxins from your body. So all those organic vegetables aren't doing you a whole lot of good if you are slathering your skin in toxins everyday, from soaps, to lotions, to cosmetics, to clothes - it all matters. Bamboo, cotton, linen, or any other fabrication, check all of your labels for non-toxic, or low impact dyes.

StriveGreen fully supports sustainably produced bamboo clothes and accessories. But please do your due diligence when shopping elsewhere because it is not all eco-friendly when you look at the full story. Bamboo fabrics are most certainly some of the softest - you might never want to take off the sumptuous Bamboo Dreams tank top - just know your resources and only buy from brands like Yala that use environmentally friendly production methods. Or brands like Woodzee and Toast who make some pretty badass bamboo accessories, all while operating on an eco-conscious ethos.


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