SXSW is Happening!

SXSW is Happening!

Austin is buzzing with the exciting energy of innovation and collaboration as SXSW 2017 rages on. Every March, the conference brings tens of thousands of the tech, film, and music industries’ biggest names and brains together in Austin. Here at StriveGreen, we’re excited to see what new conversations will be coming from the social impact, environment, and technology sessions this year. There are quite a few interesting topics and speakers addressing climate change, including Bill Nye, scheduled and we’re stoked to see a panel on Fair Trade fashion led by Patagonia, West Elm and Fair Trade USA!

But what is SXSW without Austin? Right now there are innovators, inventors, and changemakers from all around the world exploring what Austin has to offer. We thought we’d help our guests (as well as our loyal locals) by pointing them in the direction of a few local Austin changemakers! As a small, local boutique, we are proud to carry handmade products from some awesome, creative brands from our own city.


For any folks new to the Austin scene or those in town from more wintery climates, you may want to grab yourself a new pair of sandals, a fashion staple here in ATX, for our warmer March temperatures. And if you’re trying to wiggle your way into the SXSW networking scene, what better conversation starter is there than sandals made out of tires?! By upcycling the rubber from used tires, TREDAGAIN is giving tires another life and keeping them out of the landfill.

Rosa Rebelled

Another local brand keeping materials out of the landfill is Rosa Rebelled. Every single one of their products is unique as they create their t-shirt and underwear designs from reclaimed knits. Everything they make is cool, quirky, and eco-friendly! Need a fun souvenir from Austin? Come check out our collection of Rosa Rebelled undies at the store.

Austin Natural Soap 

While you’re putting together your Austin-inspired, eco-friendly outfit, you may want to consider a bar of locally made soap to keep you smelling as fresh as you look. They use quality ingredients in thoughtful and researched combinations that make our store smell sweet and fresh all day long! Not only do they create great products, they also give back to the community by donating to environmental causes here in Austin.

Whether you’re visiting Austin for SXSW or call Austin home, supporting these local brands at StriveGreen is a great way to contribute to Austin and to help brands that make a difference through business. Our shop will be at the convention center during the SXSW Marketplace, so come check us out and learn more about these great Austin brands! (The Marketplace is open to all badge-holders as well as the public with the free Guest Pass.)


Photo Credit: Bill Nye at SXSW Eco by Dylan O'Connor

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