Under the Weather

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Under the Weather

Hot toddy recipe as a remedy for colds.

It's never fun feeling under the weather, especially on the weekend. The changing of the seasons and the erratic Austin weather lately has got me fighting off a cold. After a long Texas winter and a few chilly trips to the Northeast, I've added a new medicine to my normal immune boosting regimen of echinacea and apple cider vinegar: the hot toddy. While certainly more tasty than both echinacea extract and a cup of warm apple cider vinegar (which I spice with honey and cayenne pepper), the hot toddy also helps keep those little cold buggers at bay. So what's the science behind it you ask? Well for one, the hot temperature and combination of sweet (honey) and sour (lemon), along with the cloves, promotes salivation and mucus secretion, increasing your numero uno line of defense against bacteria and viruses. Whiskey, honey, lemon, and clove all also have antibacterial properties. But beware, too much alcohol consumption can actually block the nasal passages and leave you feeling even more groggy the next morning. My other secrets to feeling better fast are pretty simple too. Fresh air, shower, and getting out of your pj's! I love my Melissa Doris Spikes because they are comfortable to walk or lounge around in, super cute with just about any outfit I can conjure, and really just fun to look at. If I don't get out of my pajamas on a morning I'm feeling the slightest bit under the weather, that's it I'm on the sofa all day. But with a positive attitude, some helpful herbs and elixirs, and a little bit of fresh air I always feel like I've got a better shot of kicking the cold before it really gets me down. Do you have a favorite hot toddy recipe or a go-to elixir when you're feeling down? Share it with us, we'd love to know your secrets!


XO -Julie

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Debby Marrero
Debby Marrero

May 12, 2016

A Hot Toddy or a Rock and Rye always help me to feel better when I am fighting off a cold! Also, a Coke with some Bitters really helps for when you have an upset stomach!

Thanks for the recipe! I love to have a Hot Toddy when I am feeling well too!

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