Why I Drive a Subaru

Why I Drive a Subaru

StriveGreen is a movement to incorporate small changes into our daily lifestyle. The idea of going green can be overwhelming, but little changes made one at a time make the process more manageable, and likely more permanent. Subaru may not be the first car company you think of in terms of eco-friendly vehicles, but you don't need to go electric to support a conscious vehicle manufacturer. So why do I drive a Subaru? First things first: because my mother has good taste. I inherited my first Subaru Impreza when I turned 16. For a reasonable price my mother sold me her '94 model in a pretty, and easy-to-spot aqua mist. I loved that car so much that after college I updated to an '08 Impreza hatchback in classic silver. After 140,000+ miles and over seven years I was ready to trade-in for a new vehicle, but this time I really wanted to think on my decision. Did I want yet another Impreza? Did I even want another Subaru? I thought about a Prius for the obvious gas savings and environmental consciousness of owning a hybrid electric car, but I just couldn't manage the ticket price. I'll be honest, my love for my first two Subarus had nothing to do with environmental impact, it was because I liked their aesthetic, they handled well, especially in the Pennsylvania snow, and they are reliable. Before this most recent purchase I  wanted to do a little more research, and here is what I found out:

Environmental Advantages

  • Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle (PZEV): smog-forming emissions reduced to nearly zero
  • Zero landfill: all Subaru manufacturing plants operate with zero waste
  • 95% of Subarus produced in the last ten years are still on the road
The Indiana plant was the first automotive manufacturer in North America to reach zero landfill status. Since 2004 the facility has either recycled its waste or turned it into electricity. Additionally, Subaru of Indiana Automotive is the first and remains the only plant in the United States to be designated a Backyard Wildlife Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation, with over 800 acres of preserved land. It is dedication at its finest.

The photo is from a recent camping trip on Mustang Island along the Texas coast. She handles sand, snow, and everything else I've thrown at her, beautifully.

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