Why I Launched StriveGreen

Why I Launched StriveGreen

Fashion hasn't just been material or social for me, it has been a form a self-expression, and an art. I started designing my own clothes in high school, and my honors thesis in college was on the influences of art in the fashion industry, specifically cubism, surrealism, and pop art. 

So what do you do when you find out your passion is toxic (to the environment)? Find a way to keep the love alive!

After seven years in a buying office and a three-year stint at a leather-filled western store, I could feel my soul begin to sink. I needed to take a step back and evaluate what values and practices were important to me. By then I had already become a certified yoga instructor, started meditating, became conscious of my eating habits, and mindful of the impact of commercialism on our environment. 

At the time, I was familiar with a few eco-friendly clothing lines, but most of them were either a bit too hippie in aesthetic or too high of a price point. I knew there had to be more brands out there consciously manufacturing clothes, it was just a matter of finding them. 

I started StriveGreen not just as a means to increase the accessibility of sustainable clothes, shoes, and accessories, but also as a daily reminder to myself of what really matters. This website, the storefront, and the entire brand are a little ribbon tied around my pinky to ground me down from the commercial hustle and bustle, and away from a world filled with toxic chemicals. There was a time when all food was organic and all clothing was natural. Just because we have strayed along the path, doesn't mean we cannot find our way back. StriveGreen is about shifting into a sustainable lifestyle one choice at a time, whether that is through a sustainable fashion purchase, supporting small business, eating local and organic produce, recycling more, or consuming less. 

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